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A Psychic Learning & Healing Center in Del Mar


The Spiritual side of

Body Being in Balance Massage

Mission Statement: 

Spirit in Motion Healing Center 

Creates an environment which offers 

Validation, information, guidance, 

Wellness experiences and creativity 

On the path of spiritual learning.

A harmonious relationship

 Between the physical body and the spiritual body 

Is cultivated through educating the soul, 

Healing the body 


Recognizing that this sacred relationship 

Is what moves us through life. 

Del Mar Psychic

Psychic Means

"Of the Soul"


As the body communicates through 

Sight, Sound, Touch & Emotion.

The Soul communicates through

Color and Imagery


To develop your psychic awareness is to know yourself on a more intimate level!


As you know yourself

Then you can know others

Spirit to Spirit!

Psychic Readings


A Clairvoyant Reading is based upon the concept of:

“Spirit to Spirit Communication.”

You are both a Physical Body and a Spiritual Body;

All your answers come from with in you.

In the Present, 

You are creating your future through

How You See Yourself and the World.

Asking a question about your future 

illuminates the images (pictures) and decisions leading to

an end result.

Change your pictures, change your future.

You are the “Map Maker”

 I am the “Interpreter” and “Tour Guide” 


Reading Topics

Past Lives: • What answers are they giving you?  

Finances • Are you “Owning Your Abundance”?

Love Life• Are You Being the One You Want?

Your Hearts Desire, etc…

Rev. Paula Irwin A Del Mar Psychic


  Clear reading from a very professional reader. 

She has a calm, clear voice

Answers questions directly 

And in detail -

 No vague images or cryptic messages - 

Highly gifted and accurate. 

One of the best I have spoken to.


Nathan L


She is the real deal. And great Healer too!


Cathy M


It was such a privilege to work with Paula yesterday. She truly is a gifted intuitive and healer. She uses a variety of guides that help to release what needs to be let go. I feel so much clearer today. I look forward to doing a body work session with her soon. As many of you have said, 'she is the real deal.' Thank you Paula for your time and care of me.






Call Today for your Psychic Reading/Healing

Paula is a psychic in Del Mar

Long Distance or In Person

$160 an Hour


You too are Psychic!

Begin your journey to

"See with the eyes of spirit!"


Spiritual Tools 1 & 2

Private Phone Classes

8/60 min Classes

$200 Each


Healing 1 & 2

Private Phone Classes

8/60 min Classes

$200 Each

Purchase 4 sessions at a time for 10% off


Spiritual Tools 1 & 2

Self Paced Down Load Program

9/40 minute Classes




“I'm so thankful for this opportunity 

to learn more about my 

Body/Being connection 

And actually feel the energy 

Moving lovingly through me. 

What a Wonderful experience. 

Many thanks Paula. Namaste, JA ” ​  



“This kind of energy work

 is very powerful. 

I learned tools to create unity 

between my body and my spirit 

in a way that is easy 

yet profoundly effective. 

Visualizing and moving energy 

seems to create instant reaction 

on levels 

seen and unseen

 which gave me a feeling of 

being very centered 

and grounded again.”

Psychic Parties

Give your guests something to talk about!

A Glimpse into the future

An answered prayer

A past life reveled

A burning question answered

Offer your guests private mini readings of 

10 to 20 minutes each

Call Today


60 min $200

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