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Who I Am!

I look forward to expanding your vision and guiding you to your answer. 

At those times when confusion rules and the horizon has narrowed, enlisting a guide to hold a light above the question illuminates the road in and the way out of a situation. 

This is my role, to illuminate immobility and present options to the your path.


Whether it be love, money, health or career the answer lies with in you. 

Allow me to be the light so you can see!


Paula has been a professional psychic since 1995.

Paula’s ability to see energy adds an important element to her healing work. As a massage therapist, she can see the energy in and around the body which allows her to work with both the physical and energetic causes off dis-ease.

During an Energy Massage, she adds spiritual communication to the massage sessions, assisting client's in releasing moments in time where the body had frozen in an event. The clearing of these points releases pain, both emotional and physical, and brings the body to a new state of ease. 

  Paula’s readings are both enlightening and educational in that she not only communicates what she see's, she then empowers by teaching energy tools for self healing.

Paula has trained extensively in developing her clairvoyance, spiritual healing techniques and Trance medium ship. She is also trained as a Spiritual teacher, leader and minister. Paula has taught spiritual information since 2002 and has assisted in the creation of several spiritual centers in California.                                                          


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