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Meditation 1&2

Explore your nature as a Spiritual Being

Be Present

See your Truth from the 6th Chakra

Connect with earth and source energy

Release attachment to past events

Separate from others emotions and drama

Own your place in the world

See the truth from a lie

Own your ability to create the life you want

Healing 1&2

 • Heal from a Grounded Space 

Bring your awareness within and Know /Heal thy self

• Feel and differentiate between yours and another’s energy

• Recognize/clear/heal the aura

• Recognize when you are giving your energy away and

taking on someone else’s

 Working with healing guides

• Learning and healing the spiritual anatomy

• Long distance healing

• Astral body healing

• Healing past events/lives

• And much more…………….

Spiritual Tools  1&2

Healing 1&2

4 weeks each segment

One to one sessions over the phone

$160 each class

Purchase 4 classes 15% off

Call for more information


Spiritual Tools Self Paced

Audio Download

9/40 min classes


Clairvoyant program 1&2  


 Expand your natural abilities as an intuitive:  

The word Psychic means


We have spiritual abilities of Clairvoyance, 

Clairaudience, Clairsentience, Knowingness, Telepathy, 

Trance medium ship  

Learn to own these abilities for yourself.

 To develop your psychic abilities

 is to see yourself more clearly. 

This allows you to become and know yourself more fully.


You will learn to:

Communicate Spirit to Spirit

Access Past lives

Read the Aura and Chakras

Work with the Astral Body

Heal through witnessing what is present

Work with the Akashic records

And much more......... 

 Clairvoyant Program 1 & 2

6 months each


Purchase 4 classes at a time 15% off

(CP) 1-4/60 min classes 600 15% off 510

(CP) 2-4/60 min classes 600 15% off 510


Healing 1 & 2

Spiritual tools 1& 2

 Women's program

 As a spirit living the female experience we have a unique purpose,

 energy system and abilities in which to create our lives from. 

Our expanded energy source is to create;

(Have a baby, build a business or Fix your favorite man :-)

This extra energy takes a few extra skills to manage.

Do men get irritated or frightened by your creative whirl?

Learn to ground your energy

Do you often feel worried or guilty for not being ENOUGH?  

 Learn to direct your energy for your enhancement

Do you find yourself helping others before yourself?  

 Update your healing agreements to work for you!

Do you have depleted energy or symptomatic pain?

Clear where others energy, pain or problems, absorbs into your body

And create wellness for YOU!

Are you living the life you want or the life others want you to live for them?  

 Clear female competition, seeing other women as greater or lesser then your self. 

Your energy, information, is the perfect fuel for your body. 

You are the perfect you right now,


Woman's Healing 1 ​

Learn about your female spiritual anatomy and heal yourself

Work with a female healing guide to assist you in your growth  

  4 week class  


Woman's Healing 2  

Clear your female past lives and bring the wisdom forward.

Clear your male life times and unite the divine masculine and feminine  

 4 week class


​Woman's Healing 3  

​Clear and reset the cycles of a female

Weather you have passed through,

Are in or not quite there yet.

Puberty, menstruation, fertility and baby beings,

Perimenopause, menopause and postmenopause  

6 week class


Woman's Healing 4

Women and addictions. 

As women we have a different set of challenges 

Due to our relationship with our bodies. 

Early religion offers us the lie that our bodies are a sin, 

That the female is the temptress which leads men to there default.

 Our body is a miracle to be enjoyed and explored. 

Choose to embrace and befriend your body

Rather than override and shove forward.

We will also deprogram inherited addictions and reset your wellness. ​

4 week class


​Women's Reading Program

​Learn to clearly SEE the female space. 

As you SEE others you recognize yourself.

 Learn to do out of body healings 

As part of this special psychic/intuitive experience.  

8 week class 

which includes participating in 

2 female clairvoyant readings

Reading times set individually and separately from class.  



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