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What is this psychic stuff anyway?

A few things to consider

What does it mean to be Psychic?

The word psychic means,

” Of the Soul”

This refers to our Soul abilities

Clairvoyance-To see spirit

Clairaudience-To hear spirit

Clairsentience-To feel spirit

You are a being just as I am

You are a being just as a disembodied spirit is except

You have a physical attachment,

The Body

Being psychic is not as mysterious as you may think

Think to a time when you had the urge to change direction in your life but thought, why would I do that?

Then within a short time, the reason appeared, and you kicked yourself for not following through.

You are psychic.

Think to a time when you made some unusual purchases and thought why am I doing this?

In a short time, the items where needed.

You are psychic!

Every individual has their own unique style of creating.

This also applies to psychic skills

The abilities validated will grow

Individuals Interests shapes their use.

My style of reading

As a healer, which means to create change, I utilize my soul abilities to assist an individual in reconnecting to themselves.

Body/Spirit Connection

As a massage therapist, from the beginning, I recognized that pain in the body correlates to a block or disconnect from being.

This can come from an old injury which causes the spirit to move away from the pain.

Soul integration is essential for healing.

As a reader, I see the injury and then change the image to healed.

The body responds to the new picture.

The body will become your image of it so be kind and validating.

See yourself as healed and the steps to support that outcome will appear.

The future

The future is malleable, every decision now shape’s it's course until it occurs.

The real question is

What are you creating?

Whether conscious or unconscious

You are the creator of your future.

How I read the future!

I look first at where you are asking from.

Are you asking if something will ever happen?

This is a sign of uncertainty or non-permission to have the outcome.

I communicate with the higher self to see where this fear originally occurred.

I work with your being to clear the events and return the spirit to ownership of that decision or desire.

Someone may have invalidated your ability to create.

There are endless possibilities of circumstances which may knock one off their path.

Awareness gives you the power to choose differently.

Often awareness is all it takes to create change.

Do they love me?

There is not a simple answer.

Love is an inside job!

Do you love, appreciate and respect yourself?

Does the individual of your desire

Love, appreciate and respect themselves?

If the answer is yes to both questions

Love is possible.

Uncertainty of another’s affections directs to look within.

Love is cultivated and built on mutual respect and appreciation.

It is a harmonic match of two individuals ready to create a relationship.

A relationship is a third space

Two I’s create a separate we space.

Still honoring the individual while

Building the co-creative relationship.

Maintaining the

I am

And the

We are

It is a conscious choice

A reading is a receptive space

Allow yourself to receive the communication

There is a lot going on behind the scenes in a reading.

Depending on the energy awareness and manners of the readee

The reader may need to collect up your energy

Calm it down

Smooth its frequency

Move out other influences such as family or past relationships in order to hear you the spirit.

Unaware individuals may yell telepathically, can you hear me? Challenging the readers abilities.

Speak softly and kindly

Yes, we hear you.

Demanding the reader feel your emotions will dull the reading.

Emotions are an energy of the body. It is only valuable to you.

Allow your reader to be detached from your experience

A clearer reading is possible.

Paying for a reading

A clear and concise reading/healing is a complicated space.

There are many layers to it.

The reader has dedicated their life to spirit, to some an esoteric concept.

It takes courage and commitment to live a life outside of social norms.

My purpose

I am not your guru wanting to be followed

I am not your savior or rescuer being responsible for you

I am your tour guide

Bringing body and spirit into relationship to self

Validating your self-authority

Offering tools to clarify and strengthen this relationship

If this is what your wanting

Agreeing to mutual respect and appreciation

Book a reading

See you soon

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